My name is Santiago Matias Castro and I'm Frontend developer

+ years experience in web development


My personal work experience

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Real Trends

From novembrer 2021
to the present

Frontend Developer

Work description
  • - Working in own web ecommerce application.
  • - Maintenance and upgrade exist code.
  • - Create new features and participe in the design process.
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From Septembre 2018
to August 2021

FullStack .NET Developer

Work description
  • - Web applications development.
  • - Maintenance and upgrade legacy web application.
  • - Mobile applications development.
  • - Incursion and research in new technologies.
  • - Database managment.
  • - APIs creation.
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A little bit about me

I started in the world of web development in 2018 and I was using C# with .NET Framework, JavaScript Vanilla or jQuery and I permormed like a back end developer mainly but I also touched front end.

Since 2019 I know the React.js library and I loved there so much. When I discovered this library know which I wanted to be a front end developer and focus in all the technologies of this ecosystem.

In all teams that I worked/work, I always push for try to use new technologies and take the better practises in the developments.

Between my achivements and developments, I worked in productive applications with React.js, React Native, Node.js and .NET (Core / Framework). Actually, I work in Real Trends


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